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Look at me, I’m famous! No, not really.

Okay, so after work I rode my bike home in the rain. I pretty much had a t-shirt and pants on.
So, as I was riding up along spadina, I noticed a *flash*. Someone took a picture of me while I was on my bike. Whatever, I’ll just ignore that. I came across a red light and as I was waiting, another *flash*.  This time, I actually got a glimpse of the driver. She was in her early 50’s, in business attire, she kinda seem like a stuck up person. I gave her a confused/wtf glance. It was really hard to get a clear picture of her face because it was dark and rainy.
So, I wonder why she took a picture of me. I didn’t do anything wrong, I was on the bike path, had my front/rear lights on….(i wasn’t wearing a helmet…)
I guess i’m famous, or maybe she has never seen an asian on a bike before.
Who knows.


Dear Diary,
It was a rainy day in pizzaville….

I almost got run over by a taxi driver.  I just want an accident free-year.  Or just a non-‘let me take a look at your license plate’ free year.

OH.  Like me, anybody that rides north/south of Toronto,  Yonge street is actually a really good street to ride on.  This one night, when the winds were 45km/hr, I was forced to find a different route home. So I thought, why not give bathurst street a go. And to tell you the truth, I regret taking that street all the way home.  Seriously, the worst, most ghetto street of all.  It was so dark, the side of the road were filled with rocks/clumps of dirt/broken glass…. It was horrible. 
So really, Yonge street is better(and faster).   Don’t let the amount of cars intimidate you.  Plus, if you do get hit (and i hope not) and embarrassing it can get….you’ll always have a witness.  

Ride safe!

….its official

Anyways, I think there’s a TTC strike on the 1st of April. I know a friend that knows someone that works for the TTC and says that there’s a good chance.
WHICH MEANS, I’ll be riding my bike to school/work on April 1st, the latest.
I hope to see more riders (forced to ride) out there.

Wait for it….

Soon this space will be filled with training news and views from cyclists on Team F5F2Shutdown.

We are training for the 2008 Becel Ride for Heart, 2008 Ride to Conquer Cancer, and for general fun and commuting in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

So come back. We miss you guys already.